Interview: The Maine Bicarakan Tur dan Album ‘American Candy’‏


Sejauh ini The Maine telah mengoleksi 3 EP dan American Candy adalah album kelima mereka yang dirilis Maret tahun 2015. Khusus 10 track American Candy, band asal Arizona ini mengawali perjalanan lewat vibe yang groovy ‘English Girls’ lalu jatuh ke wilayah yang agak gelap misalnya ’24 Floors’, ‘Diet Soda Society’ dan ‘American Candy’. Ini begitu menarik, seolah mengatakan jangan telan mentah-mentah apa yang kamu konsumsi.

Untuk merayakan ‘American Candy’, The Maine bertekad melakukan tur dunia, termasuk rencana konser di Jakarta untuk kedua kalinya pada November mendatang. Yang spesial, John O’Callaghan, frontman The Maine, sempat secara eksklusif menuturkan beberapa hal tentang tur dan album ‘American Candy’ kepada KANALTIGAPULUH.

How is the American Candy Tour going so far? Any fun stories?

It’s been quite the run of gigs thus far. From playing our biggest headlining shows to date in the U.S. we jumped down here to Brazil and are currently vibing high with their great people. To be honest, just feeling the appreciation for the record has made us feel beyond special. We can’t wait to finish the run strong and already can’t wait for the fall.

Honestly, American Candy is totally fun record to listen to. Do you have any reason why this record is so different and feel good? 

Simply put, feeling good feels good, and sonically I wanted that translated through this record.

‘American Candy’ is one of my favorite track. This one has different vibe on the track list, you stab the audience with distorted guitar riff. And I love your allegory lyrics which I assume about the grim reality in this world whenever I notice ‘You’re hooked and baited, annihilated’. Why were you interested to write this song? 

Thank you! This track personifies my distaste for most of the modern culture I’m surrounded by. I didn’t want this idea to bleed over the other tracks on the album which is why I got specific and decided to make it a title track.

So far do you have any plan to do an American Candy tour DVD?

At this point, there really are no plans in the works for a DVD. We still feel like AC is rather young in spirit and still need to play it for whoever will listen. Would be great to do one down the road, but nothing planned at the moment.

Is there any part of place in Southeast Asia that you’d love to visit, but this time is only for vacation?

No lie, I’d like to visit Singapore as a tourist and really explore its surrounding neighbors! Luckily, we have a day off before the show and I’m really looking forward to running around!


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Author: Trian Solomons

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