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Yup. sekarang kita punya ROAM di sini. Untuk fans The Story So Far, Set Your Goals serta Sum 41, silakan dengarkan band asal Eastborne UK ini. Mereka baru aja melepas album debut berjudul Backbone.

Alex Costello, vocalist ROAM menjawab soal hal-hal seputar album baru mereka yang ingin punya pesan positif serta kenapa mereka ngefans Shakira dan Eminem. Simak interviewnya!

Can you describe how deep your respect for Set Your Goals is? What was the reason Matt Wilson agreed to sing on your single ‘Deadweight’?

Set Your Goals have always been an inspirational band for us and to have a member feature on a song is incredible. We managed to get Matt Wilson’s contact through a producer we knew, he loved the song and was willing to sing on it.

Talking about your new record. I believe each record that you make is challenging because you always try not to repeat the same old stuff without losing grip on your true character. If there was one, what was the challenge for recording ‘Backbone’?  

When writing the album ‘Backbone’ we wanted to venture into things we have done before for example going for a darker and heavier sound in some cases. We also wanted to keep main elements of the sound of ROAM; I’d say the lyrical aspect of positivity and the way it’s delivered.

When you wrapped up the record production, did it sound or feel different from your first expectation?

We have recorded with Drew Lawson before so we knew how it could turn out. We are happy with it.

Overall, what are the stuff that influenced your tracks lyrically and personally?

Lyrically we look at our lives for ideas to write about. We tend to write about the positive sides of things in some cases, because we don’t want to put out a negative message. In some cases we write about the feelings we feel when we are away from home and miss our loved ones, for instance ‘Tracks’ and ‘Tell Me’.

I heard you are the fan of Shakira and Eminem? Great. Tell me about it.

We are fans of all kinds of music, but we said Shakira because we heard an interesting melody from her song once and it influenced one of the songs on the album. Eminem is just a beast.

What is your experience so far to be signed to a label along with pop-punk world heavyweight bands such as New Found Glory, All Time Low, Neck Deep and The Wonder Years?

Just being along side bands such as All Time Low, New Found Glory and Neck Deep is really cool. Hopefully we get to play with them soon.

However, how has pop-punk been growing a pretty deep into ROAM’s roots?

We all started listening to pop punk at a young age so it’s definitely in our roots. Along with a lot of other music including Nu metal.

You’re the soundtrack to my youth. Your energy is honest and skyrockets my mood. It is a wave of nostalgia to the great Sum 41 from back then, for example. Are you confident it would also affect for people who simply has been out aged of pop-punk?

I think people who like Sum 41 could potentially be into ROAM. Sum 41 are a big influence to us and you can tell on ‘Backbone’.

And are you concerned with the new wave pop-punk things and being called new wave pop-punk band as well?

You could call us what you want put us under any category. But we’re just going to keep writing to music we like writing. If people like it they like it but if they don’t they don’t.

As you’ve done the tour in US land not very long ago, do you believe US scene ethics or spirit very same to UK?

The US is different to the UK but I think there are similarities, I think it’s easy for them understand what we are doing as pop punk is so familiar to them along with the UK.

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Author: Trian Solomons

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