Syidik Kurnia Resmi Keluar Dari Polyester Embassy


Sebuah berita mengejutkan datang dari band indie-rock asal Bandung, Polyester Embassy dimana gitaris yang juga termasuk salah satu founder dari band ini, Syidik Kurnia menyatakan keluar dari Polyester Embassy.

We would like to announce due to one reason or another that our brother, our friend Syidik who play as a Polyester Embassy’s guitarist, start from May of 2014 are no longer as a Polyester Embassy’s member anymore. This decision has been discussed with us and is the best decision for us all.

As a tribute to Syidik who joined Polyester Embassy from a standing start around 2002 until April 2014, we will launch a video clip of the single “Have You?”, but until whenever Syidik will remain a part of the big Polyester Embassy’s family.

For more info about our nearest gigs and update info please keep in touch with this page so once again Thanks to all those who always support Polyester Embassy from the beginning till today, youre appreciated very well.

Polyester Embassy juga merilis sebuah video klip Have You? yang juga menjadi single dari album terakhir mereka. Video Klip ini merupakan bentuk penghargaan terakhir terhadap Syidik yang sudah selama 12 tahun bermusik bersama Polyester Embassy(KA)


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Author: Redaksi

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